Solar Technology and Energy Reduction Job Training

Tierra International Institute Solar Job Training and Energy Reduction program is an introduction to some of the latest techniques and standardizations for installing solar power systems. Half of the curriculum is hands-on using tools of the trade to familiarize students with the workload and character of this industry. The other half is focused on exposing students to the tactical decisions, processes, and material choices common to this industry. At the end of the program, participants must test and score 70% or higher to obtain certification in  Solar Photovoltaic Installer-Level 1. This certification is highly recognized by major industry employers.

The training  program  is certified by the Electronics Technician’s Association (ETA-International) For more information about ETA International and certification please visit:



ETA International members are professionals in all technical fields, including fiber optics, smart home, renewable energy, customer service, biomedical, computer and computer networking, telecommunications, wireless communications, consumer electronics, video distribution, aviation, industrial electronics, radar, and satellite. Their members range in occupation from college professors to beginner installers and technicians to company chairpersons.

The program is offered in Santa Ana, California in collaboration with Taller San Jose (TSJ) and California State University Dominguez Hills (CSUDH), and over 300 students have graduated in the program as of December 2016.

Next session: 

November-December, 2018  (five Saturdays)

Others to be determined

Each session five days 8 am to 5 pm


For information on schedule and registration, please write  or call 714-717-6207

Tierra contracts its solar training expertise with job training, work force agencies, educational institutions, and organizations interested in developing and implementing a similar solar installation program at their site.