Solar Progam

Solar Technology Education

Practical and hand on short term courses and workshops for K-12 and adults

Solar Technology Job Training

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Installation 40 hour course certified by the Electronics Technician Association (ETA) .The course is an introduction to some of the latest techniques and standardizations for installing solar PV systems, and it is open to anyone interested in the fast growing solar power industry, to professionals interested in retraining into another industry or individuals new to the workforce. Tierra contracts its solar training expertise with job training, work force agencies, educational institutions, and organizations interested in developing and implementing the course at their site. Half of the curriculum is hands-on using tools of the trade to familiarize students with the workload and character of this industry, and installing a working system The other half is focused on exposing students to the tactical decisions, processes, and material choices common to this industry. At the end of the program, participants must test and score 70% or higher to obtain certification in Solar Photovoltaic Installer-Level 1.

Solar Cooperation Projects

Development and implementation of solar educational and training PV or Thermal installation-projects on site in individual homes and/or in public buildings (School, Health Center, Community Center, Church) to serve the needs of individuals and vulnerable communities locally and internationally.The objective of these cooperative programs is to contribute to sustainable development of host communities with local participation and are conducted in the host country/region in collaboration with local institutions, non-profit organizations, civil associations, and communities of the host country/region. Individuals from any country are invited to participate in these projects as volunteers

For information on the Solar Programs, please write  or call 714-717-6207