Professional Mobility

Internships for Youth

Tierra Institute International organizes and manages internships in industry in California and in Barcelona and Ibiza in Spain for individuals in training. The goals of the program are to:

  • Enhance the professional resume and to improve work placement opportunities.
  • Acquire technical and professional competencies.
  • Obtain internship transfer credit for post-secondary studies.
  • Acquire mobility, personal autonomy, living skill, and knowledge of cultures.
  • Motivate for continuing education.
  • Improve skills in the use of host country’s language.

Collaboration with Faculty and Academic Staff

Tierra Institute International organizes short term visits for Faculty and Staff responsible for student mobility  to learn about educational systems, businesses, training centers, government agencies, accommodation for the interns, and cultural environment in California, US, and  in Catalonia and Ibiza, Spain. The visits will give participants an opportunity to become familiar with various aspects of  the educational system, the industry,  and the culture of  their potential interns  host/destination country/region.

Language Immersion

Tierra offers an individualized or small group language immersion program though specialized training that may include formal classroom participation at Tierra’s network of partner language schools and/or on line tutoring. Some of these programs may include a short term internship and/or community service activity if so desired .At the present time, language immersion programs are offered for Catalan, English, Spanish and Sign Language.

Cultural Exchange

Tierra collaborates with individual artists wanting to promote their art and craft work and artistic talent in the form of art exhibits, workshops, and /or musical performances. Tierra  facilitates cultural activities with partner organizations and institutions that belong to its network that take place in any of the locations where Tierra is present.  Activities may include individual and/or group presentations and performance with focus on a particular cultural and/or environmental aspect of the local region.

Solidarity Travel Tours

For groups of 5 to 8 people interested in participating as volunteers in community service experiences in the countries/regions where Tierra has international cooperation projects in place