The collaboration between Tierra and several Universidades Tecnologicas e Institutos Tecnologicos in Mexico was initiated in 2001. The directors of Tierra in California and Catalunya have visited those institutions in 2001, 2004, 2009 and 2012 to establish personal contact with administrators, faculty and students, touring the facilities, making presentations of Tierra’s programs, and signing jointly formal agreements of student, faculty and academic staff international mobility and other cooperation programs.

The Tierra representative delegation in Mexico established in 2012 based in Pachuca, Hidalgo, maintains and expands Tierra network of collaborating educational institutions and organizations in Mexico, providing support on the logistics, organization and management of Tierra international internship program, and identifying new projects for potential cooperation. More than 200 students from those institutions in Mexico have completed their internship program in Catalunya and California as of May 2014.

The Tierra Solar Program in Mexico includes classroom and practical training at the partner educational institutions and other onsite training/installation sessions conducted in cooperation with local community based associations.

Mujeres Mayas de Jovel is a cooperative of 250 women hand craft textile weavers in the state of Chiapas and a Tierra partner organization since the first assessment visit by Tierra staff in 2009. The first one week solar training for 10 women members of the cooperative followed by three installation sessions to provide illumination at their work centers in San Cristobal de las Casas, Majumut (Chamula) and Suitic (Larraizan) and was completed in 2012.During the next two years, the trainees monitor the performance of the systems for replication in other work centers of the cooperative.

In 2012, Tierra staff conducted also a site assessment to install solar water heaters in three orphanages in the state of Baja California. As a result of the visit, Tierra conducted a two day solar training and installation session of a solar hot water heater at the Buena Vida orphanage in La Mision, state of Baja California. The performance of this pilot system is being closely monitored by local trained staff of the orphanage for potential replication at the same site and others in the area.

Tierra Institute International Solar-Chiapas, Mexico

The video presents some of the activities of the Tierra Solar Program in Mexico. The filming was done during the first solar training session for women of the cooperative Mujeres Mayas de Jovel. Tierra staff trained ten women from the cooperative and two of their sons during a one week solar session that also included three installations of solar systems to provide illumination at their work centers in the communities of San Cristobal de las Casas, Majumut (Chamula), and Suitic (Larraizan)