Internships for Youth

Tierra Institute International organizes and manages internships in industry  in California and in Barcelona, Spain for youth in training.  The goals of the program are to:

  • Enhance the professional resume and to improve work placement opportunities.
  • Acquire technical and professional competencies.
  • Obtain internship transfer credit for post secondary studies.
  • Acquire mobility, personal autonomy, living skils, and knowledge of cultures.
  • Motivate for continuing education.
  • Improve skills in the use of host country’s language.



  • Information of legal and functional requirements of the host country.
  • Finding lodging and internship placement in industry for appropriate training.
  • Airport pick up and transportation to lodging.
  • Introduction to the environment and culture of the host country.
  • Document management of the internship and introduction to the work placement.
  • Follow up and evaluation of the internship.
  • Participant’s tutoring during the internship.


  • To fulfil requirements of the home countr’ys  educational institution (if applicable).
  • To fulfil host’s country legal requirements.
  • Letter of intention.
  • Medical insurance (sickness and accident) (To be contracted  in the home country).
  • Liability insurance. (To be contracted in the host country).

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