Collaboration with Faculty and Academic Staff

Tierra Institute International organizes short term visits for faculty and academic staff responsible for student mobility  to learn about educational systems, businesses, training centers, government agencies, accommodation for the interns, and cultural environment in California, US, and  in Catalonia, Spain. The visits will give participants an opportunity to become familiar with various aspects of  the educational system, the industry,  and the culture of  their potential interns  host/destination country/region by learning about:

  • Adequacy of educational levels.
  • Transparency of vocational qualifications.
  • Recognition of work practices of professional studies.
  • Various forms of accommodation.
  • Networking with the industry sector.
  • Methods to enhance their home country educational institution.
  • Legal and functional requirements of the destination country.
  • Environment and culture of the host/destination country/region.


  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Visits to business/industry of interest.
  • Visits to educational institutions of equivalent level.
  • Airport transfer and support
  • Contacts with public education sector
  • Cultural visits and tours