Tierra employs an experiential-based learning and education model to carry out solutions that are continually evaluated and modified accordingly


Tierra trains motivated individuals to install and maintain solar technology systems, subsequently imparting their skills and knowledge to others


Tierra involves local human resources with the implementation of solutions, always mindful of its cultural and economic impact, thereby assuring sustainability


Tierra develops solar technology solutions that are learned and executed locally, transforming and empowering individuals and communities

Professional Mobility

 International Internships in Industry for Youth, and a Collaboration Program for Faculty and Academic Staff

Solar Program

 Capacity Building through  Solar Technology and Energy Reduction Job Training, and International Cooperation Solar Projects

Cultural Program

International  Cultural Exchange including Language Immersion Opportunities, Arts and Crafts  Workshops, Exhibits and Presentations

Marine Program

Aims to a deeper understanding of the environment, and the ecosystem functioning and management of coastal and marine areas based and developed in the islands of Ibiza

Our Mission:

Empowering vulnerable people and communities through practical training on the applications of solar energy technology and promoting and facilitating international educational mobility, while respecting the environment and cultures of the world.

Donate a Tierra Solar Kit to support the Tierra Solar Program in rural communities in Quiché, Guatemala, and in the communities of Mujeres Mayas de Jovel, Chiapas, Mexico.